Dan and Ruby at Kew Gardens 2018
Dan and Ruby with rose bushes 2019


You’re in the right place for info about our big day, for sending your RSVP, and for seeing all our wedding photos after the event.

We can't wait to celebrate with you - expect something fittingly fun and colourful on the day!

Where is it?

The Factory!

Strange Cargo means a lot to both of us, so we’re thrilled to bits to be saying our vows there. We can't thank Brigitte enough for giving us free rein.

How shall I get there?

There is no parking at the factory, and the surrounding streets are usually chock-a-block.

Almost all of us are local so can easily plan alternative transport - for any out-of-towners, Folkestone West station is 5 minutes walk away.

What time is it?

Details to be confirmed nearer the time, but we think it'll go a little something like this:

  • Arrive between 12-12:30pm
  • The ceremony will take place at 1pm
  • There will be food from about 3pm
  • Partying will go on until about 11pm

What's the dress code?

Anything you like. Seriously.

Most people are up for dressing a bit posh at any wedding though, so that's a safe bet. We've got a fancy photographer, after all.

What's for tea?

Details to be confirmed. Probably some kind of buffet scenario, to satisfy all dietary requirements.

We will also provide some bubbly, wine, beer and soft drinks.

What shall I bring?

A bottle!

We suspect your appetites will be deeper than our pockets, so any beverage contribution, however small, would help.

White Lightning, J20....

...we won't judge.

Am I supposed to give you guys a gift?


We do however encourage donations to Strange Cargo, to thank them for their hospitality and help them to keep up all the great community work. You can do that on the next page >

Can I bring the kids?


Unless you were looking forward to having a break from them for the day!


Okay. How do I save my spot?